About (Continued)

After years of competition, I was initially drawn to the non-competitive nature of yoga, attending occasional classes.  It wasn’t until 2012 that I discovered the power of a regular yoga practice after undergoing treatment for a cancer diagnosis.  It was the key to healing, strengthening, and connecting my body, mind, and spirit.  Yoga taught me the value of breath.  When we work the breath, we create space within ourselves.  Yoga expands that space to become a center of strength and a point of balance.


Shortly after experiencing the effects of yoga on my body and mind, I committed to a yoga class every day for a month.  At the end of 30 days I knew I had found my calling.  I acquired a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga certification from The Yoga Room, NY where I studied with Victoria Greene, Marko Galajasevic, Juliana Mitchell, Tzahi Moskovitz, and Eddie Teboul.  During my training, I felt an undeniable connection to working with more specialized populations, and furthered my certifications to include Parent/Baby Yoga with Lauren Binaris, Children's Yoga with Shari Vilchez-Blatt at Karma Kids Yoga, Yoga for Children with Special Needs with Craig Haneur, Restorative Yoga with Danielle Lee, Yoga4Cancer with Tari Prinster, and Yin Yoga with Masako Miyakawa.  I am eternally grateful for my teachers and for the teachers of my teachers.


My general teaching style shares a blend of vinyasa sequences with a restorative focus, while weaving in Iyengar philosophies and asanas, or poses.  My approach is playful and curious, non-judgemental, compassionate and attentive to detail.  A private session with me is completely customizable and offered in the comfort of your home, or in my home studio space located in Long Island City, (Queens) NY.


In addition to being a yoga instructor, I apply similar concepts and approaches in my work as a Corporate Account Group Leader for Weight Watchers.  The two forces behind my highest level of health are yoga and Weight Watchers.  I’m thankful that I can work directly from my own experiences within these two realms that became a personal and natural combination.  Also, my days of being a professionally trained actor continue to enhance my instructional methods.  I thoroughly enjoy being in front of a class or large meeting group, sharing yoga or helping others learn tools for eating better, shifting the mindset, and moving more.  It is extremely fulfilling to see students making discoveries and members transforming into the best version of themselves.


Namaste is a Sanskrit greeting, literally meaning “bowing to you.”  Nairi is an ancient name for the Armenian lands my ancestors come from.  Naimaste is a fusion of who I am personally – strongly rooted in family, culture, and history – and what I embrace wholeheartedly – my dedication to the peaceful, divine center in all of us.  This is the union that yoga brings and that helps me thrive.


When we say Namaste in yoga, we traditionally press hands together, palms touching, fingers pointing upwards, thumbs close to the chest.  I greet you with this gesture and with my name, Naimaste.


Yoga returns us to the true nature of our selves and gives us the ability to move freely inside our bodies, with calm and confidence.  These are the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves.  Together, let’s see what yoga can do for you with learning, laughter, and light.