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I believe there is always a route to a healthier and happier life.  I found mine through yoga.  My purpose is to share that path to wellness, joy, and inner peace.


Becoming a yoga teacher was a natural fit for me.  Being the child of a football star and an avid tennis player, my childhood was marked by constant movement.  I was an All-State tennis player in high school, and continued to compete in college.  I went on to become a tennis instructor, teaching others while working on my own skills, just as I do today with yoga.  My yoga teachings are an extension of my continuous learning and practice.

About Nairi Koroghlian

Shannon Greer for Weight Watchers International

Mommy and Toddler

Every Friday 9:45am–10:30am
at The Yoga Room - Astoria

The downward facing dog says "woof woof"! Play yoga with your toddler in this series for new walkers through 3s. Stories, puppets, music and song all bring yoga poses to life as little ones strengthen their growing bodies. Explore basic anatomy, focusing techniques, and the art of sharing, in this structured and supportive class. Healthy habits begin early in life, so take a deep breath together and discover that the 'twos' are far from 'terrible'! Every toddler needs an adult yoga buddy to participate. Both toddlers and adults should dress to move. Caregivers and Dads welcome, too!

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a slow practice with a focus on resting and healing. These poses require no muscular exertion. Each pose is held for several minutes and deeply supported by props - blankets, bolsters, and blocks. This creates deep release and calms your central nervous system. The muscles relax, the heart rate lowers, and chronic tension alleviates, rejuvenating both body and spirit. Suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners.

Yin Yoga

A slower, deeper practice with a focus on restoring the connective tissue to its natural state primarily in the hips, lumbar curve, and shoulders. Yin yoga will work on the ligament, tendon, and fascia tissues that don't often get stretched especially if you have a Yang physical practice from lifting weights, sports, or Power yoga. Long-held passive floor poses are combined with breath work, body awareness, and meditation to open the body, create better circulation, and release stored emotion or unease. It is also helpful for those working with injuries and sensitivities. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga4Cancer (Y4C)

A gentle vinyasa class tailored to address the specific physical, psychological, and emotional needs of cancer patients and survivors to build strength and flexibility in safe ways; stimulate the immune system and build bone density; detox the body and cultivate a sense of well-being; create hope and community; empower all to take control and enhance their lives. All stages are welcome, and prior yoga experience is not necessary.



Parent/Baby Yoga (Mommy and Baby Yoga)

Every Friday 1:15pm–2:15pm
at Sacred Sounds Yoga

Stretch, bond, and breathe with your baby in this special yoga class designed for new mothers and infants (4 weeks to almost walking).  Meet other moms and babies while you strengthen and support postpartum and sleep-deprived bodies with specifically chosen asanas and vinyasa sequences. Each class devotes time for gentle hands-on yoga and massage for babies; aiding in their digestion and promoting the sleep-wake cycle.  Bonding postures and playful songs are also explored.  Dress comfortably and bring a receiving blanket for your baby. Moms of any level of yoga experience are welcome.


Nairi's Mommy and Me class was incredibly important to me as I found my way as a new mom.  I suffered from anxiety and Nairi's kind and peaceful spirit had such a positive impact on me.  Attending class each week was a great bonding routine for me and my daughter and spending the time to slow down and re-center truly made me a better mom.  I am forever grateful to Nairi for her support during those early months!

Jessica Noonan Summersgill, Mother, Hawaii

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